Thursday, August 28, 2008

It Is Official

I have not one but three comments on the spiffy new blog.  Somehow that makes it more real.  Woo-hoo!  I have readership!  Um, does one person count as readership?

And the official word from Lea is September comes first.  So "September to Remember" it is. 


I have neither the time nor the eloquence for long posts about remembering, so my Remember in September theme will be something I can write and post quickly.  And it will have something to do with this book, which I first heard about from Lea, who is so creative that although I wanted to link to her post that mentions the book, her imaginative post titles gave no clue as to which one contained the reference.

I did find her drugstore rules for the 21st century post.  It was just as laugh-out-loud hilarious as I remember.  (My theme is not remembering great posts from Lea's blog, although I think she might really like that if someone wanted to do it.  Maybe you would get an extra helping of blackberry grits.) 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Remember in September

Lea has launched Remember in September.  Or a September to Remember.  In September, I hope to remember...
  1. the URL of my spiffy new blog
  2. my blogger password that allows me to post
  3. to post every day
  4. to ask Lea which comes first, September or Remember
I think that is about all I can manage.

Is the Third Time a Charm?

This is my third attempt at blogging.  My first two blogs were going to be some kind of frugal living/grocery shopping/local deals kind of thing.  The first one had two posts and then it faded away.  The second one was more promising, I posted what I thought was a really interesting introduction but now I can't remember what I called it or what my password is.  My old computer died, so the bookmark is history.  I cannot find my blog!  How sad is that?